10 Best Mobile App Development Languages 2021

10 Best Mobile App Development Languages 2021

When someone builds a mobile app, he has to select appropriate technology and language to deliver a user-friendly and interactive structure. However, choosing a proper programming language compels us to look at its several factors, including advantages, disadvantages, and demand in the current time.

Best Mobile App Development Languages 2021

This article shows the 10 Best Mobile App Development Languages 2021, which are in the most demand of this age. All of them are widely used in mobile app development from different perspectives.

1] JavaScript

Are you looking to choose the best language to learn for mobile app development? If this is true, you should know about JavaScript. These are the best languages for cross-platform app development, mobile apps of different platforms, and web browsing.

However, as a beginner, you may face trouble doing your classwork related to this coding language. There are various sources like that can help you do your java assignment with the help of experts.

2] Kotlin

It is the best app to develop modern Android applications. Kotlin has a clear, brief, and insightful structure that boosts team efficiency. It is coherent and easily adaptable. You can use it to master the deficiencies of JAVA.

This coding language enjoys full support from Google and IDE’s fitting packages like Android and SDK toolkit. Kotlin helps to create compressed, easy, and cleaner code contrary to JAVA.

3] C++

C++ is a vertical language for mobile app development. This language landed with general and low-level memory operation functionalities. You can learn and use it to develop android and native applications for games, actual mathematical reproductions, banking apps, etc.

It can rapidly adjust to altering hardware. C++ is a quick and constant language with a wide range of by default libraries and compilers. One of its most important aspects is that if you have learned C++, you can easily and quickly become the master of JAVA, C, and C#.

4] C#

C# is uttered as C-sharp language. It is a highly object-focused and general-purpose programming language. It will help you to attain all requirements that you expect in other languages like Swift, Objective-C, and JAVA.

Furthermore, it is the best selection to develop a collaborating and high-performance game app.

5] Python

Python is the ultimate selection to develop web-based applications, desktop applications, medical software, machine learning, and network servers like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It is quick, simple to navigate, and easy to deploy and learn.

This language supports high-level analysis and computing scientific and numeric data. Moreover, you can also utilize it to create scalable apps and support GUI applications. The language supports numerous systems and platforms.

6] PHP

This is the best supportive language to develop database excessive mobile applications. This language is widely used for server-side writing, command-line writing, and coding applications. You will enjoy learning to build eCommerce applications, content-heavy apps, active web applications, and mobile apps.

It can simply integrate into HTML or HTML5. It’s by default security functions support to save from complicated security threats. However, it is the best choice to learn highly complicated program development quickly.

7] Swift

This open-source programming language particularly focuses on operating with iOS, OS X, and tvOS platforms. It is a highly flexible and scalable programming language. Swift can easily adjust a secure programming syntax to apply the latest functions to any app.

It is one of the most interesting languages to learn and work with. You can use it to implement on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch podiums. The projects related to Swift are simple to scale. Finally, we can say that Swift is a commanding, intuitive, and simple to learn programming language. 

8] Objective-C

Objective C is the prolonged version of the C language. It is a general purpose-oriented language that landed with Smalltalk-style messaging functionalities. It is also a well-updated and functional programming language. You can use it for macOS and iOS app creation and operating systems.

Objective C is the most preferred choice of expert developers. Moreover, it is simple and easy to learn the language.


The language comes with, by default, open-source libraries eagerly accessible for users to select from. It is simple to control and offers great documentation and communal support.

This language will provide a lively syntax of functions that helps to create an efficient cross-platform application, Android apps, games, server apps, rooted space, websites, and others.

10] HTML 5

If someone wants to develop web-fronted apps or location-based applications for mobile devices, he must learn HTML 5. It is the 5th edition of HyperText Markup Language. This is a markup language rather than programming that supports the structure and display of the content on the webpage.

The most recent updated HTML 5 highlights come with media elements, multi-platform functionality for numerous platforms, and fast market disposition features.

There are numerous programming languages appropriate for various types of tasks. However, selecting the exact language for mobile app development is not the same as choosing one to learn. The actual choice results in comprehensive, simple to code, easy to navigate, easy to repair and fix solutions.

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