The Best Online Ludo Games to Check Out in 2022

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The Ludo is most ancient game of India and is heavily played all around the world. It has
amassed great acceptance from people around the globe and gained the interest of people
of all age groups. The game is simple and easy to learn, so it does not require special skills
to indulge in a match of a good Ludo game.

During the pandemic, Ludo reached a new high, recorded the most players online, and
became the top game of 2021, beating every modern graphically advanced game virtual
board game with its simplicity and ease of play across all platforms. Ludo became a crucial
game towards the means of connection and turned out to be a phenomenon that people
could not break out of.

Lets look at some of the best Ludo games for iOS and Android that will keep you glued to
your device screens for hours without you knowing how much time has passed.

Best Online Ludo Games in 2022

Ludo King

This is one of the top-rated Ludo apps in the market and has millions of users online that
game on it daily. This app gives you a classic representation of the game that takes you for a
ride and makes you feel connected to many users online. You can play Ludo offline on this
app and also play with rivals online after you feel more confident playing a few matches by yourself. A game of Ludo King can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4.

The app has amazing animations; you can chat with buddies and send them emojis, making
the chat feature very interactive. The app allows you to create your game room and invite
your choice of players making the game a personalized experience. You can get the app on
Android and iOS with regular updates, so you need not worry about lags and glitches in the

MPL Ludo

MPL ludo is one of the closest representations of the classic Ludo game and is amazingly
distributed by the developer. You get a smooth game on this app, and the colors are very
bright and punchy, making it a unique experience compared to other Ludo apps.

The controls are intuitive, and you can make them out soon after playing a few matches, so it is
not difficult. To get the game, you must visit the MPL app official website and click on the
Ludo game download button, which will directly install the game on your device.

It is one of the most easily accessible apps in the store now and couples best with Android
and iOS devices, so you must try this one. The best part is that MPL has other variants of
Ludo as well, so you can try them out if you get too used to the traditional format of the

Ludo All-Star

This is another Ludo app that has gained a crazy fan following in India for some of its quirky
features. Once you install this app, you will see that you can play it both offline and online
mode. The games creators have kept it simple by keeping a regular theme in the game so
that people are not too distracted by the visuals.

Unlike other Ludo games, this app has the undo feature installed, which makes for a cool
move considering you can cancel and go back to your earlier move with just the tap of a
button. You can chat and make buddies on the app, and there are also rewards for a daily
spin, so you need to remember to log in at all times of the week to get a hold of them which
will aid in your gameplay, and there is also a possibility of getting a lot of rewards.

Ludo Family Board Game

This one game is something that strikes close home as you can get the best of this app with
your family on an iOS device. This is a game exclusively designed for iOS users, and you
can play with any of your friends and family using any iOS device in the vicinity. The games
graphics are incredibly good, and you can connect all your social media to it since the app
works best when connected to all your aliases.

This hassle-free, easily connected app is the best when you do not want to face online rivals
and want to have a good time with your family.

Ludo Talent

This Ludo app has wild animations and will most definitely cater to the younger generation
and act as a bridge between older people. Once you install this, you will find that you can get
access to weekly rewards by completing tasks that are assigned to you every week.

You can make friends on this app as well and text them messages while suggesting to them
various ways how they should play their game. There is also a magic mode that lets you
exploit some more facets of the game, but it is not wise to spoil the fun, so go and check it
out yourself.

Final Words

Ludo is an amazing game; you should find more time to play it often. This game has come
down from centuries to today’s people, and the fact that it is so unique has made it last so
long in the eyes of the general audience.

The modern apps do more than justice to playing Ludo, and you can get a fun experience with your friends, family and other online rivals that you will meet along your journey into the world of online Ludo.

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