7 Best Smartphone Applications for Video Editing

Smartphones can now create DSLR-quality movies. Some camera applications can even do that. It’s no surprise that individuals are on the lookout for the finest free video editing software to help them improve their movies.

Best Video Editing Apps 2022

We’ve produced a roundup of the top Android video editing apps for 2022. All of them are available for gratis on Google Play. You may edit videos to precision and share them on social media with these applications.


FilmoraGo is a popular Android video editing application with a large user base. Clipping, trimming, inserting themes, music, and other basic operations are pretty simple to accomplish. To enhance your footage, you may build 1:1 square movies for Insta, 16:9 films for Youtube, flip videos, transaction data, slow-mo, text, and more.

FilmoraGo includes some in-app charges, but most of its unique capabilities are accessible. You may save the films to your collection or share them immediately on social networking sites. A watermark appears at the close of videos created with the freemium model.

VN video editor

VN is at the top of the priority list for the best free streaming editors for Smartphones. This is since all of the video filters, textures, transformations, and layouts in this video editor are entirely free for use.

The software has a correct chronology, just as Powerdirector. The most attractive feature of the program is the ability to cut films precisely. You may select a 0.3-second clip of your footage and trim it.

You may pick between 24FPS and 60FPS while importing and modifying the quality. Generally, it’s one of the Smartphone video editors. Start using this app by downloading from


When you begin editing a clip, you have the option of using templates with a post tune or getting right into the edits. The editor for smartphones has many excellent features, including combining many tracks into one movie, adding captions, stamps, GIFs, and so on.

Users may also stream music from the app’s enormous collection to their videos using Filmigo Video Maker’s distinct music area. Once the film is complete, users may export it to various social media accounts directly from the video creator.

Whereas the app has various editing options, many users find it too small for a phone, especially for large tasks where individuals need to make changes to specific timestamps. Despite the accelerated graphics, the smartphone video editing software has been found to freeze in many instances.


Magisto is a fantastic video editor tool for individuals without formal video editing knowledge. It mixes video clips, photographs, music, typography, visual effects, and video filtration to assist you in creating a high-quality film with no effort. Choose one or more visual content and background, and the program will generate a movie for you in a matter of minutes.

Magisto employs a powerful artificial intelligence system that analyses films and selects the most intriguing segments. Video production frequently yields good results. This is a fantastic free option with some in-app charges if you are a novice to editing applications.


The Funimate video editor is ideal for quickly generating entertaining videos. It can turn ordinary occurrences into creative films in a second and allows for automated distribution on various social media platforms. It comes with over a hundred powerful video effects built explicitly for editing short films. You may even create short video loops for entertainment.

It also allows you to get fans and follow other profiles. Although it is one of the most excellent free video editing tools, the presented advertising might be irritating.


The video editing tools of VivaVideo are rather remarkable. The software is deliberately developed to assist you in producing high-quality videos right from your Android & Smartphone.

Thousands of user-friendly effects, ranging from graphics and filtering to cartoon movies and subtitles, are available. Cutting and copying films, cropping, combining clips, and other essential capabilities are simple to use.

VivaVideo is one of the top video processing apps for Android, with over one million daily users. You may also share your ideas instantly on various social media sites.


Another helpful app for editing videos on Smartphones is Quik. It’s simple and free. Quik allows you to use any digital photo clip to create your own stories. Quik’s favorite aspect is that it can automatically create videos. You can trim movies, apply effects, add text, and match it all to the rhythm of any song instantly.

After you’ve finished making the video, you can still save it to your camera roll in 1080p or 720p resolution or post it immediately on social media sites. Quik is dependable and does not exhibit any intrusive advertisements. For its capabilities and usability, we believe, and it’s well to be included in this list of the top free Android video editing applications.

Kine master

KineMaster is among the most excellent video-altering apps for Android, thanks to its well-designed UI and robust capabilities. It allows you to integrate different media files using the drag-and-drop method. KineMaster gives you incredible flexibility over the editing process, allowing you to make great videos swiftly. You may use various transitions or add pieces of information or captions between video parts.

The elimination of the logo and unrestricted access to paid assets are only available if you acquire the app’s commercial edition.

Video show

VideoShow has won multiple honors and is unquestionably one of the most powerful video editing applications for Android that Video show can download for free from the Google Play Store.

VideoShow is dependable and straightforward to use, thanks to its user-friendly layout. You may also add text, elements, soundtrack, and background music to your video and do live casting in addition to the basic tasks.

There are over 50 various themes to choose from, and you may compress your video to make it smaller. The videos retain their quality, and there are no time constraints on how long they may be watched—almost everything Smartphone is supported with the FilmoraGo competitor app.


Was this list of the top nine Android video editing apps in 2022 helpful to you? Did you choose your favorite? While numerous applications are available, we suggest FilmoraGo, VN video editor, Filmgo, Magisto, Funimate, VivaVideo, Quik, Kine master, Video show for the best results. Whereas these applications are partially paid, their functionality provides the most excellent value for money.

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