10 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Slow iPhone

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If you own an iPhone or have recently purchased the device, you must be wondering why at times, your device starts running slow or lagging. The article below is specially meant for you. You will no longer need to wonder why iPhone is slow. We will explore various ways of solving this problem. We will also review ways in which you can speed up iPhone. The ones listed below are among the various ways you can make iPhone faster.

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Restart Your iPhone

The first and most important way you can speed up your device is by simply restarting your phone. One of the ways to do this is by pressing and holding the side button with one of the volume buttons. You can select the one you can use the best press at your convenience. If your device has a button, you should hold and press the side button until the power off slider option appears. Once the slider option appears, you should release the buttons. Once you do this, you should drag the slider from the left to right direction, this will shut down your iPhone.

Install a Cleaner For iPhone

It is an application that lets you easily clean up videos, contacts and photos from your phone. The CleanUp application makes it easier to clean up memory on your device. It is a really easy process since the application is user-friendly and easy to use. Once you start cleaning up your device regularly, it will boost your phone in terms of performance and speed. The application is a key smart cleaning essential tool you need.

Close Up Unnecessary Apps

Multitasking for iPhones has become a very difficult task over the years. Running resource-intensive applications can cause your device to become slow and lag. It is a very common problem in the older models of iPhones produced. Most of these older models are low in space and processor capacity. You should make sure you force close applications that are not in use; doing this will help you speed up your phone.

Update iOS

Lack of updating your ios might be the root problem of most of the problems you are facing, such as lagging and slow performance. That is why it is necessary to update your ios regularly. To do this, you go to your menu screen toolbar and search for the general software update option.

Turn Off Background Apps And Location Services

Leaving background apps running and location services consumes a lot of power which might cause your device to run slowly. To ensure your device runs at maximum speed and operates at the optimum performance, you should always turn off apps running in the background and location services.

Turn On Reduce Motion

Most of the animated visuals on your phone appear cool, but they are also big whales regarding resource consumption. If your device constantly lags, it is good to turn off these effects.

Reset Your Device To Factory Settings

If you have tried all the above ways and your device is still running slow, resetting it to the factory default setting is best. However, this will erase all your existing data. Your phone will become brand new. So before undertaking this task, you should ensure you back up all your data first.

Clear Up The RAM

Clearing the ram frees up processing speed and makes it available for you to perform other tasks. Doing this will ensure you get top speeds when performing new tasks.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads

If your apple id is used to connect various devices, you need to disable the automatic downloads option. The automatic download feature may download content intended for other devices onto your phone, which is unnecessary. To do this, you will turn off automatic background processes. It will make your device run faster and more efficiently.

Use Apple’s Default Apps

The default apps run best with iPhone devices due to compatibility. It would help if you stuck to the default applications to get a faster, smoother service and performance. These default applications come inbuilt with every device.


In conclusion, you should ensure you follow each of the steps above. You should also ensure you get a good cleanup application to help you manage your space and keep your device storage in order. All the steps listed above are various ways to ensure your device runs smoothly and at optimum performance.

You should find a way that best suits and works for your device to ensure you have a good experience while using your device on a day-to-day basis.

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