How to win in Mini Militia Multiplayer Game?

Mini Militia Game

Hi guys, I have been playing mini militia mobile game for many years. I am always one step ahead of my opponents and I never lose. So, in todays post, I will give some tips based on my experience to win every match in the doodle army 2 game.

I play mini militia mod by sahad ikr latest version because it provides two guns in your hand. You can use
these guns to kill your rivals and get maximum points. Always try to get as many kills as possible, and
remember to reload when no one is around. Remember, the more kills you get, the higher your ranking
and your skill points.

If you are wondering how I play the game? So, let me explain. I pick the map, choose a team, and then
prefer a class. I usually go for the sniper class because I am good at taking out enemies from a distance,
and I can shoot from behind walls and high places.

How to Play Mini Militia Game

In Militia, you are a small group of survivors fighting for the future against a horde of zombies. In Militia,
you are a small group of survivors fighting for the future against a horde of zombies. You must use your
skills to survive the onslaught and provide for your group by scavenging supplies and crafting weapons
and armour to help you defeat the zombies. Build your base, scavenge for supplies, and fight to the
death against the undead in a post-apocalyptic world.

Strategy to Win Every Match in Doodle Army 2 Game?

The best strategy to win in Mini Militia is to use your gun and shield in combination. This will allow you
to stay away from your rivals; gunshots, and it will enable you to use your security to your advantage.
You can also equip a revolver in your weapon arsenal, which makes for a good defence combo.
Doodle Army is an amazing online multiplayer game that can be played with or without pro packs.
Although the pro packs have the best weapons, they are often unreliable.

For example, an AK47 is better than a flamethrower, so you should focus on getting a reliable gun. By using a higher precision, you can hit your opponents much more accurately than you could by using a single weapon.
Besides guns, you should also focus on shields, as they reduce hp damage. Also, you should crouch more
so that you can surprise your enemies.

Lastly, keep in mind the spawn locations of your weapons. By following these strategies, you should be able to defeat your opponents. I also try to play smart and get as many kills as possible without being detected. This is what I do.

Some Quick Tips to Perform Better

1. Wait until I see a group of enemies coming together.
2. Pick the closest target and take him out.
3. Move to the next target and repeat the process.
4. If they don’t see me, move to the next target and repeat.
5. f I know that they are watching me, I will wait for a moment and then move to the next target.
6. Repeat until I am out of ammo or the enemies are dead.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 until I have killed all the enemies.
8. I will usually get about 5-10 kills.

This is the easiest way to win in a mini militia multiplayer game. Of course, you must practice and learn
from your mistakes, but you can win the game.


Let’s summarize the post. If you follow these strategies and methods, I have shared above. There is no
chance of losing the game. Make sure you use all tips correctly and timely. I have learned all this from
my vast experience in the gaming field.

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