Must have 8 iPhone Apps in 2021 You Should Know About

iPhone Apps 2021

The first thing that anyone does after buying a new phone is the installation of good apps. People do this in order to enhance the usability options offered by the phone. You may be the happy owner of an iPhone and looking forward to installing some apps for a better user experience too.

If that is the case then you have come to the right place. Don’t forget to subscribe to a good internet package like Spectrum packages to enjoy these apps fully as most of them need an internet connection to work smoothly.

iPhone Apps In 2021

Must-Have An iPhone Apps in 2021

Spectre Camera

This is a great camera app that will allow you to access the full potential of your phone’s camera. With a Spectre camera, you can not only focus on objects in the distance but also focus with exquisite detail on nearby ones.

The pictures are razor sharp and you can make a lot of adjustments to the background as well. The camera app has many filter effects to further enhance your photography.


1Password is a password management app that will allow you to save your passwords securely. For people who forget their passwords easily, this app is a must-have. Furthermore, if you have difficulty in selecting a strong password for your social media or business-related accounts, then 1Password can help you greatly.

Also, the good news is that 1Password is a multi-platform application. This means that you can even access it on other platforms apart from iOS.


Overcast is even better than Apple’s built-in podcast application, mark my words. Many popular artists are present on it and the user interface makes the experience all the better. You can also adjust the sound levels and playback speeds. The app also comes with support for CarPlay and Apple Watch.

Furthermore, you won’t have to tolerate any ads as you listen to your favorite podcast since Overcast doesn’t allow ads at all!


Streaks help people focus and develop new habits. The app sends reminders and enables people to naturally learn a new habit. With this app, you can make yourself go to the gym daily or meditate every night. The reminders will give you the motivation you need to get started.

Carrot Weather

For people who are into traveling and want to know if the weather is convenient for traveling or not, Carrot Weather is a must-have! You can get weather updates on a daily basis. The widget is also very informative. You can place it on your home screen to see updates without wasting any time.

The user experience of the app is quite good.


MyFitnessPal must be among your first downloads as it will help you greatly with your health concerns. The app keeps a record of your daily calorie intake. It can also track your weight loss progress. It comes with preloaded calorie and nutrient values. So, all you have to do is type what you’re eating and it will inform you regarding the nutritional value! Then, you can decide if the calorie intake is harmful to your weight loss goals or not.


During the current pandemic, many students have had to attend online classes. Similarly, many professionals have also had to work from home. In such a situation, it is important to have something reliable to connect with the teachers (for students) and colleagues/managers (for professionals) to get things done efficiently. Zoom plays a great role in this regard.

The application allows people to connect with their concerned individuals seamlessly. You can either connect over a video call or just organize a voice call. You can even share your screen over the super-smooth user interface of the app. The app is available on the web, iOS, and Android. So, rest assured, that you can access it from anywhere and have a conversation over the internet without any worry in the world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great app to have on your iPhone. It will allow you to gain access to a vast pool of knowledge. Khan Academy is home to a large number of tutorials for a plethora of subjects. If your child is having difficulty understanding a particular topic, then worry not.

Head over to Khan Academy and you will find a simplified explanation in one of their video lectures for sure.

These iPhone apps are truly going to enhance your overall experience. Try them out and you will thank me later. All you need is a reliable internet connection to benefit from the amazing features these applications have!

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