How to Play PUBG on PC and Laptops?

PUBG has been one of the most popular games around for a reason, and it’s no surprise that players are always looking for ways to play their favorite game on any device. The mobile version can be fun too.

Although you do have less mobility with thumbs as compared to a controller or keyboard, mouse combo but if we’re being honest here: nothing beats actually having real buttons under your fingers when gaming. You can Download Pubg Lite mod Apk from here as well.

But can we play PUBG Mobile on our PCs and laptops?

The answer is yes. You need to download and install the LDPlayer emulator which lets you play it even on a PC or a laptop. And guess what’s even more exciting? You don’t even need high-end hardware to run the game.

PUBG Game Play 2021

Follow our instructions below and let’s play the PUBG on PC and Laptops.

Download & Install The LDPlayer Emulator:

To play PUBG Games on your PC or laptop, you need to download the LDPlayer emulator. There are many fakes on the internet, so make sure you download the official version by clicking here.

The download size of the file is around 3.5 MB so it won’t take too much time. Once the download is complete, run the software and it will automatically download the required files. The installation process may take 10-15 minutes depending on the performance of your machine and your internet connection.

Download The Additional Files

Installation Process 

Once the emulator is installed on your PC, launch the game. It will again download some essential files required to play the game. These files are large so make sure you have good internet connectivity.

If the game has some major updates, it may ask you to re-launch the game as well.

Play The Game & Have FUN!

Play The PUBG Game

When all the additional files are downloaded, log in with your credentials to import all your mobile PUBG stats. If you don’t have an account, create one. By default, all the controls are listed in a tab towards the right side of the screen. You can close the tab and even enter full-screen mode by pressing f11. Remember, PUBG servers detect emulators, so you and your teammates will only be paired with other players running this emulator.

Let me know by comment if you are facing any issues.

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