Racing Video Games We Miss in 2022

racing games 2022

Racing video games have over the last few decades. There are more superior gameplay mechanisms, better graphics, and better cars. Even with new franchises, there are still racing games that are irreplaceable in our opinion, which is completely different from favorite racing games in other countries, such as in this Vietnamese article we found and translated. In this article, we reminisce about the good old days and the racing video games we miss.  We also preview if they are ripe for a comeback (or not).

Racing Video Games in 2022

1. Mario Kart 64

The 1996 Nintendo favorite filled every gamer’s need for speed upon release. Mario Kart 64 was the first game to introduce us to 3D racing, and it had all the Super Mario characters. You could race it out with them or go with the AI head to head.

The game’s competitive nature and the breathtaking environment were why many loved it. Up to now, it is one of the best Mario game series ever produced.

2. The Fast and the Furious

Interest in the film franchise, The Fast and the Furious, had piqued. There was no better time to release a game focused on outlawed racing than in 2006. The racing video game was based on the movie Tokyo Drift, still from the same F & F franchise.

Gamers would enjoy peppy acceleration in the futuristic cars for 5 hours glued onto their screens and wired PlayStation 2 pads. The Fast and Furious was one of the few award-worthy games regarding outlaw racing. Some might argue it is better than the Need for Speed Carbon and Burnout Dominator.

3. Burnout 2: Point of Impact

After a terrible failure with Dominator, the Criterion Games studio released Burnout 2, code-named Point of Impact. In Criterion Games’ defense, Burnout Dominator was an entry-level game they concurrently developed with Burnout Paradise.

Point of Impact breathed new life into the lackluster Burnout series after introducing Crash Mode. Since then, Point of Impact has become a reference to racing video game success. In 2002, when Point of Impact debuted, you had to think strategically and have excellent driving skills to excel at Burnout 2, which made it all the more popular.

4. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Need for Speed is arguably the most incredible gaming franchise in racing. Hot Pursuit 2 was the seventh entrant into the franchise and added a new wrinkle to the already good NFS games. 

Hot Pursuit 2 introduces the “You’re the Cop” mode, which allows you to bust other racers if they exceed the speed limit. The lawlessness and the lawful double nature of the game appealed to a vast swath of the market; all of us pro racers started on NFS Hot Pursuit 2.

5. Gran Turismo

Almost all Gran Turismo games are superb. It is hard to narrow down to one, so we will name the three we miss. Gran Turismo 1, 2, and 4 had over 700 cars to suit each racer’s needs. The predecessors, such as Gran Turismo 2, had unneeded accouterments but came in handy for novice gamers. The driving format is fast-paced and arcade-style, awarding points for taking down your opponent. The ruthless nature of the takedown, like in Blur, is why Gran Turismo is one of the best games ever made.


In hindsight, everything seemed better; the air was cleaner, the sun was warmer, and the games better. In retrospect, these racing video games are some of the best. We may never see a remake of these games, at least not in the real world. Games in the Metaverse may remake or create spin-offs of the racing video games we miss. 

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