Trader Life Simulator APK 2022


Trader Life Simulator MOD APK is a trading simulation game available on Android. The game is free to use, but there are in-app purchases. This game was created by Glugames Inc.


players are expected to start off as simple traders and work their way up to become mega traders. First, the player will be given $1,000,000 in cryptocurrencies that can be used for trading. 

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Trader Life Simulator


Players are encouraged to make their fortunes by investing in companies, trading in the stock market and entering the oil business.

The Trader Life Simulator app is a great game where you can act as a trader and build an empire from scratch.

You will be able to enjoy and kill the power of stock manipulation in your favor.


It is one of the most realistic and detailed simulation games ever created. As you play, you'll learn a lot about trading and investing. Learn about stocks, futures, bonds, and commodities that you didn't even know about.

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