Serhii Tokarev About Involving Youth in Post-War Development with STEM is FEM in 2023

The Serhii Tokarev, an IT investor and the initiator of the educational project STEM is FEM, shared the outcomes of the 2023 year for the project. Over 4,000 applications for STEM events reflect girls’ growing interest in science and technology. Last year’s success of the educational course “Urbanism” and the creation of a series for the Diia.

An Osvita platform became only part of the multifaceted efforts of the project. The focus was on post-war reconstruction, urban planning and youth engagement, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion to create future innovative spaces in Ukraine’s devastated cities.


According to Serhii Tokarev, the project team successfully implemented the educational course “Urbanism” as part of the STEM is FEM project in 2023. In a short period, 50 talented girls plunged into the world of urban planning and architecture, developing not only an understanding of modern urban problems but also specific ideas for the reconstruction of public spaces in the war-torn cities of Ichnya, Trostyanets and Okhtyrka. This experience becomes the key to the active participation of the younger generation in post-war reconstruction and the formation of a new image of Ukrainian cities.

After the successful completion of the educational course “Urbanism” in April 2023, the STEM is FEM team did not stop there. According to Serhii Tokarev, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the project initiated the educational series “Urbanism”. The series is available on the Diia.Osvita platform, includes 17 episodes, each covering key topics such as urban planning, responsible citizenship, post-war reconstruction, inclusion and innovation in construction.

This series was not only an extension of the educational work of STEM is FEM but also a means of spreading knowledge about urban planning and the importance of sustainable development. The initiative received widespread support, demonstrating that important educational projects can be a key tool in creating a conscious and responsible society.

Not stopping at urban planning, STEM is FEM launched the Light Industry educational module in September 2023 in partnership with the lingerie brand brabrabra. This step was not only a new stage in versatile training but also a response to the challenges of the modern labor market in the field of science and technology.

Elizaveta Korenko, project manager, notes that today an important issue is the lack of qualified personnel in the field of STEM disciplines. In light of this problem, the educational module “Light Industry” invited participants to immerse themselves in the creative process, expand their potential and contribute to solving pressing problems at the intersection of science and industry.

Elizaveta emphasizes the importance of providing knowledge to young people today in order to provide highly qualified specialists tomorrow. She notes that the shortage of specialists does not arise at the employment stage, but at a time when young people do not delve into specific areas of study. That is why the project is actively creating educational initiatives for schoolgirls and students, aiming to raise awareness about STEM professions where women are currently underrepresented.

The initiator of the STEM is FEM project, Serhii Tokarev, emphasizes not only the importance but also the urgency of creating a technological environment that promotes the active participation of women.

Not just dwelling on calls for equality, Serhii Tokarev introduces this principle into the STEM is FEM project. In the STEM field, the project becomes not only an advocate for equality but also a driver of innovation, understanding that including women in the technology field not only makes it more equitable but also brings additional ideas that contribute to real progress.

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