Is MediaBox HD safe?

MediaBox HD APK 2022

Who doesn’t like to watch TV shows and movies? We are pretty sure that you’re one of those who love to stream their favorite shows and movies from time to time.

People have their differences in terms of the genre they like but the majority of them are seriously inclined to movies and TV shows. But the sad part is that you have to pay a subscription fee to watch these movies and TV shows.

MediaBox HD Apk

By paying this subscription fee, you’re only going to make sure that you get to watch content produced or distributed by a particular streaming platform. If the show or movie that you’re interested in watching is available on a different platform, you will have to pay its subscription fee separately to watch the specific content that interests you. Isn’t it too complex? You can simplify it all as long as you use MediaBox HD on your device.

MediaBox HD is a heap above the normal version of MediaBox HD. It has got a really wide library which can be streamed free of cost. Let’s discuss its features one by one:-

  1. You can stream the latest as well as the most popular web series and movies on your device comfortably. MediaBox HD is going to make sure that the most anticipated shows and movies are available on the platform as soon as possible.
  2. You get to stream 15000 different shows and movies, how cool is that? There are not many platforms that can provide you with such a huge library but MediaBox HD is well capable of it.
  3. There are regular updates on this app. These updates are generally concerned with the release of new films and TV shows. But there are occasions when it features some changes in GUI too.
  4. If you don’t want to stream the movies at a particular period, you can download it and water the movie or TV show later. The download is going to be available at the highest quality as well.
  5. You have got a chance to save all your top watches. If someone from your friends or family has got the same kind of taste in movies and TV shows, you can easily refer your top watches to them.

Is MediaBox HD a Safe App?

This is one of the major questions in the mind of the users. While this platform is coming with a plethora of interesting features, is it safe to use this platform? The safety of this platform has always been in question. Since it is not a third-party application, you will always feel risky to provide your email address and password.

There are many platforms like MediaBox HD that can offer you TV shows and movies free of cost. But some of them do not require you to give your Google credentials to use the platform. On top of that, it uses P2P torrents to provide you with your favorite shows and movies. These are pirated torrents which are not legal by any means.

While the safety of MediaBox HD is in question, you cannot doubt the amazing features it has got to provide to you.


Q1: Will it be harmful to use MediaBox HD on my device?

 No, it wouldn’t be harmful to use MediaBox HD on your device in most cases. Since it requires you to fill up your email and password credentials, you might be a little bit intimidated about using the platform or avoiding it.

Q2: Should I keep MediaBox HD on my device or not?

 There are two sides to the coin. One thing that you have to address regarding MediaBox HD is its safety. But if you want to watch shows and movies in HD quality for free, there aren’t many options that will prove to be better than MediaBox HD.

Q3: Is it any good to download pirated torrents through MediaBox HD?

 No, it is controversial at so many levels. One of the things is that your location details are distributed once you download the pirated torrent. It is only going to increase your security concerns. This is the reason why downloading pirated content is not recommended.

If you don’t have much concern regarding the safety of your details, you should always give MediaBox HD a shot. Considering the amazing content that it has got to provide to you, it’s always great to choose it and stream unlimited TV shows and movies!

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