Best Internet Connections in 2022

Internet Providers 2022

If you list down the things that you want from an internet service provider, it will probably include high speeds, affordability, reliability, and stability. After some research, we’ve chosen 3 providers that include Spectrum Internet, WOW! Internet, and Windstream Internet.

Best Internet Connections In 2022

The Spectrum Internet

Spectrum is a large telecommunication company as it is a merger that occurred in 2016, among three huge companies that include, Charter Communications, The Bright House Network, and Time Warner. Spectrum has more than 3 million subscribers. Presently, they’re offering internet, cable TV, and home phone services in more than 40 states. Lately, Spectrum Internet has been ranked as one of the biggest and the best internet connections in the US.

Internet Speeds Offered by Spectrum

Every user wants a high internet speed. Spectrum offers 3 high internet speeds from which you can choose. Spectrum offers three plans, you can choose a speed that is according to your internet usage. The minimum speed will be up to 200 Mbps, the medium speed of 400 Mbps, and the highest speed of 1 Gig. The prices will vary according to the speeds.

Spectrum offers consistent high-speed internet and you can connect different devices like laptops, personal computers, tablets, Ipads, mobile phones, and Smart TV. You can inform the sales agent about your usage and the kind of usage you have and the sales agent will suggest the right speed for you.

Additional features

  • Ever thought about having free equipment? Spectrum can make it come true because they offer free internet modems with the internet. You save a handsome amount this way.
  • Imagine that you sign up for your home internet but you can use it even when you are away. Spectrum makes it possible because they offer free access to nationwide wi-fi hotspots. You can easily connect your devices to the internet even on the go.
  • We all know that security is one of the major concerns online, especially when we are working online, we share important information which needs protection. Though people use VPNs for work, it is better to choose an ISP that offers security. Spectrum offers an anti-virus service for free.
  • People are often busy and it becomes quite a task to pay monthly bills or to keep a check on equipment, Spectrum offers a free mobile app that can easily be downloaded from the App store. You can monitor your account and pay your bills with the app.
  • Anyone who wants to switch over to Spectrum and is currently under a contract can easily break free from their existing contract because spectrum offers a contract buyout plan. You just need to email Spectrum about your issue and they will pay up to $500 to set you free from your contract.
  • Moreover, all internet packages are unlimited and Spectrum does not require anyone to sign up for a contract.

WOW! internet

WOW! is a telecommunication company that offers internet, cable TV, and home phone service in 9 states, and it is a regional service provider. One thing that makes it stand out is the customer service department and WOW! has been awarded for its high-quality customer support.

Three plans

WOW! offers three high-speed internet plans with different speeds. The minimum speed is around 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, the 2nd plan includes 500 Mbps, and the highest one is 1000 Mbps. The price will be different, depending on the speed. You may choose a plan that suits your usage and requirement.

Additional benefits

  • WOW! is probably one of the few internet service providers that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a great offer and it shows that the company gives importance to the choice of their users.
  • WOW! offers 24/7 customer support, you are free to contact them whenever you are in trouble.
  • They also offer the option to get your services installed the very next day, you place your order. If someone wants internet asap, this feature will benefit them.
  • With WOW! people can get the advantage of free installation service because they offer it with all orders that are placed online.
  • WOW! also offers a security service. All the plans offer unlimited internet data as well.

Windstream Internet

Windstream is a telecommunication brand offering its services in 18 states around the US. They’re gaining popularity for Windstream kinetic internet, which is a fiber-optic connection. They have a great number of users around the US. Windstream offers home phone and internet service.

Internet Speed Plans

Every ISP has a different policy, some offer fixed packages and speeds while others offer different speeds and packages for different locations, Windstream falls under the latter category. Their speeds vary for each location, it can start from 15Mbps and reach up to 1000 Mbps.

Additional benefits

  • All internet packages offer unlimited internet data.
  • There are no contracts required.
  • Windstream offers the best security and parental controls.
  • If you cancel your service, you won’t pay an ETF.

Wrapping Up:

Every ISP has something to offer that sets it apart from the others. You need to decide what you’re looking for and which ISP will offer it. We have mentioned three internet service providers that have everything to offer. However, you need to check which provider is currently offering internet services at your location and for that, you can visit ‘’ anytime.

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